17 Fraudsters Arrested For Using Peter Okoye’s Name To Defraud People

About 17 fraudsters have been arrested in relation to “Peter Okoye Zoom Giveaway” defrauding activities that went on online.

Peter Okoye has taken to his Twitter page to share a video of some suspects who have been arrested by the police after using the identity of artist Mr. P to defraud some people online.

Peter Okoye also known as Mr. P has expressed shock over how some people could be gullible to pay the sum of N7000 to an alleged Mr. P in exchange for N140,000 as a giveaway. The fraudster created an account with the pictures of Mr. P and named it Peter Okoye Zoom Giveaway.

“Take a good look at some of the fraudsters you are indirectly paying your hard-earned money into the bank account they created as PETER OKOYE all in the name of “ZOOM GIVEAWAY”! Over 17 of them have been arrested and interrogated and charged to court with full evidence!”

All these victims that claimed they got scammed I swear Una no rate me at all. So you think I will be that stupid to put up my phone contact?! Who even told you, people, that I am on Watsap or I even use Watsap?

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