Dating A Guy Still Living With His Parents Is Absolutely Wrong-Lady Says

A Nigerian social media user has sparked mixed reactions on social media after saying that it is wrong for women to opt for guys still living in their parents’ houses.

Mostly for privacy sake, ladies would prefer going out with men who are living on their own. They see those men to be independent and might probably provide them the security they need in the relationship.

Well, according to this lady, it is absolutely wrong for ladies to opt for guys who are living in the houses of their parents.

For some reasons which she did not explain, the lady believes that women should opt for guys who live on their own, perhaps for security and privacy sake.

See the screenshot below:

In other news, a social media user has taken to the platform to condemn the act of married men apologizing to their wives during situations where their wives are wrong.
According to him, it is very unreasonable to men to be the ones to render apologies to their wives even when the situation demands that the wife apologizes to the husband for their flaws.

He lamented that the older men failed in scrutinizing their wives for their flaws and always became the first to apologize in every situation, taking the blame while their wives are supposed to be the ones to show remorsefulness for their actions.

He stated that most men are quick to first apologize to their wives because of the fear of being denied sex, food and sent out of the bedroom to sleep in the couch, hence they never hesitate to make their wives take up the blames for their own actions.

He added that men will continue to suffer in their marriages if they do not withstand their grounds and ensure equality and fairness in their relationships.

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