Why I Used The Word ‘Serious’ When Performing- Amakye Dede

Well-known legendary Ghanaian highlife musician Dan Amakye Dede has opened up about the reason why he always uses the word “serious” anytime he is performing.

Amakye Dede is one of the legendary musicians in Ghana who have built the foundation of the music industry. Amakye Dede has contributed massively to the music industry.

According to the legendary artist, he always mentions the word “serious” in his performances because he sees his craft as a business and there attaches a very high level of seriousness to it anytime he was performing.

According to Amakye Dede, anytime he is performing on stage, he realizes his crew and music bands at a point lose focus because they get engrossed in the music so, in order to put them back on their toes, he shouts “serious” to draw their attention.

The ‘su fre wu Nyame’ artist disclosed that the strategy has worked for him so he decided to maintain it.

“I can even come and step on your foot if you are not paying attention to the work. When I say serious I’m telling my team to be serious. They need to be serious.”

On where he gets his energy from, he said “if you know that the job is your business and you know that you’re doing this business then you must be serious about it. I like the business and I’ve to entertain them. If somebody pays money to come and watch you, you have to pay back,” he said.

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